JSP 97 Ltd.

JSP 97 Ltd. was established in 1997. The company has two main activity segments: engineering, building engineering, civil engineering design and construction of civil engineering works. One of the company’s new direction of developments is the use of modern technology, the application and development of 3D printing, and the injection molding of sewage probe protective equipment.

Sonda Safer

"Sonda Safer" has been developed for a more professional measurement of water quality parameters. In order to be able to use the measuring instruments in longer terms with high reliability, and also to make the measurements more convenient and safe, a special support and protective covering is made for the probes. The more stable operation of the measuring points placed in the waste land mines can be achieved.




PastPol Kielce - 2018

SaSo Split - 2018

SaSo Split, product presentation - 2018


JPS 97 Ltd.


H-2366, Kakucs, Fő streets 11, Hungary